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You can never go wrong at LFS

For over 10 years on several occasions the Embassy of Spain in Nairobi has required the assistance and services of Mr. Paul Van Brussel and his team at Lee Funeral Home.

The embassy of Spain has been fully satisfied with the efficient and timely manner in which Lee Funeral Home has carried out their work and with the high standard in which it has approached each situation, from a fast response time to facilitating the required paperwork and other arrangements.

— Embajada De Espania

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Lee funeral gave us the best service

Paul, thank you so very much for guiding us through this very stressful time, offering us lifts, arranging everything like clockwork and doing magic with your paperwork timelines. I feel it is not just what you achieved but how you achieved it that made the difference to us. Please extend our gratitude to your entire team for making a traumatic situations bearable, and for so efficiently and professionally supporting us (and in particular our mother) through this difficult time.

— Greatful Mourner