Repatriation of the deceased to his or her country of residence and final resting place involves complex legal and regulatory documents that differ from country to country. Death in a foreign country, expected or sudden, is complicated and expensive and a minefield of paperwork. We understand all this at Lee Funeral Services and our Directors will assist with repatriation from any part of the world. We have taken care of thousands of repatriations and are familiar with most administrative regulations required.

We work closely with The United Nations, The UK Ministry of Defence, the Kenyan High Commission and Kenyan Government, Embassies across the world and are partners to Roland Brothers in the UK.

We will help you with the complex paperwork, starting from The Certificate of Death, Medical Report from the attending Doctor to confirm post mortem, through to airline clearance. We will help you to schedule flights (chartered or commercial) for the deceased, family and friends. We will also deal with the translation of foreign documentation, as well as provide specifications for the container to transport the deceased.

Once repatriated to the home airport, Lee Funeral Services can arrange collection and transfer of the coffin to its final resting place.

Please click here for a full list of the legal documents required.

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