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Cremation in Kenya and around the globe is becoming a popular option of laying a loved one to rest.

At Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, Kenya, we are honored to offer a wide selection of affordable cremation services.

You will feel the support of knowing we are here to walk with you through this inevitable journey of grief every step of the way.

Cremation services in Kenya are available in a variety of packages at affordable price points to help meet the broad requirements of the families in our community. It can range from simple and direct to a more traditional funeral service or celebration of life.

Assisting  you throughout the entire arrangement process from completing the necessary paperwork to selecting an urn to store your beloved’s remains is our honor. We are also pleased to offer helpful suggestions to help you create a service that pays tribute to the legacy of your loved one and reflects the unique life they lived.

We invite you to browse each of the helpful sections below for more information

Cremation Services in Kenya with Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, Kenya

Serving families with dignity and grace

Cremation does not limit your options, therefore, our caring staff  will help you arrange any type of service you desire to hold before or after the cremation.

You may decide to hold a formal funeral service before or after the cremation process. The casket or coffin in most cases is always present if you choose to have a service before the cremation process.

For families who need more planning time,you may choose to hold a memorial after the body is cremated.

A memorial after cremation can be either a traditional service with the cremated ashes present in an urn instead of the usual casket or coffin, or a more casual memorial held as the remains are placed or scattered in their final resting place.

For families seeking direct cremation,upon death, the deceased is taken to the funeral home until the time of cremation.

Once the necessary paperwork and authorizations are completed, the deceased is then taken to the crematorium.

Although there may be a brief moment of closure with close family and friends, if requested, there is no formal ceremony or gathering.

We are here to help you plan highly personalized memorial services in Nairobi, Kenya which reflect the character and life of your loved one.Kindly contact us.

Helping families create truly special & memorable funeral services in Kenya that celebrate life

Cremation pre-planning allows a person to plan a cremation for themselves or a loved one before they pass away.

We willingly help you out of the distressing period of planning at the time of need.

Here are some helpful steps to follow:

  1. Learn about the cremation options as we earlier discussed.
  2. We advise you to engage your family members,by bringing  them into the conversation to get a better idea about how they feel about cremation and what they would prefer.
  3. If there are any questions or concerns feel free to talk to our funeral professionals for any insights you may need.
  4. We provide a  number of forms that our funeral directors provide for you to document your cremation intentions.

After deciding on Cremation…


Consider the kind of ceremony you would like to have. We can help you plan for a traditional funeral followed by the cremation or delay the ceremony until you have the time to plan a memorial service, celebration-of-life, or scattering ceremony.


Contact and ask for assistance from your family and friends and guests ahead of time, by asking them to gather family photos, write down the stories they would like to share, and talk to them about the best location for the event. If you would like a eulogy, use this time to ask someone special to take on that task.

Ceremony planning

Select the music, prayers, among other readings. You don’t have to have any of these things but you should feel free to decide exactly what you and your guests will do at this event.

Urn selection

Decide what will be done with the cremated remains. Consider some factors such as need for an urn,where to keep the urn, scattering of ashes.

Lee Funerals

Welcome to a place to celebrate life and honor every memory.

Helping families and friends create services as unique as life

Celebrating lives with dignity

We would be privileged to serve you and your family and share what we have learnt  in over 30  years of experience helping other families make arrangements for cremation services in Kenya.

Feel free to contact us for your cremation plans

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Understanding the cremation process

Honoring lives, comforting loss

At Lee funeral Home in Nairobi,we strive to maintain high standards of beauty, peace and tranquillity.

We believe it is a privilege to serve families and in so doing we take the utmost care and respect, which is reflected in how we deal with a loved one throughout the cremation process.


Once you select a casket or coffin that fits your preferences, the body is taken to the cremating chamber for cremation. With the help of our experienced funeral directors, the remains in form of ashes are placed in an urn of your choice and later returned to your family.

Part of your family

We appreciate the opportunity to share our insights and experience to fully support you in making end-of-life decisions for you and your family. We welcome you to sit down with us to discuss  cremation options

William Penn.

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still

What is required to arrange for a cremation in Kenya

Once the cremation-over-burial decision has been made, all that’s required is authorization.

This is provided by the person who is the legally identified or appointed next-of-kin.

Once all authorization documents are signed, and service charges are paid; the body can be transported to the crematory and the cremation process can take place.

There are some additional things you may wish to consider, such as:

1.A special set of clothes (favorite dress, suit, shoes etc), your loved one would appreciate the thought of wearing or has requested, As well, any jewellery or valuable personal items.

2.Any keepsake items you would like to include in their cremation casket; a special memento, treasured photograph or letter. Sometimes we suggest family members write cards, notes or letters to their deceased loved one, and place them in the casket prior to the cremation.

3.Having family members be present for–or participate to some degree in the cremation process? By participating, it may allow family members to obtain some form of ‘closure’.

Families are encouraged to discuss their wishes with one of our professional funeral directors

Washington Irving.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

Cremation offers families flexibility, value, and peace of mind, making it an increasingly popular service choice.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a simple, economical service option that provides families with the essentials. With direct cremation, there is no additional funeral service, viewing, or visitation. However, a memorial service or celebration of life can be held at a later date. We are here to answer your questions and help you plan a direct cremation.

Witnessing of Cremation

Witnessing of cremation allows families to be present for the cremation process. We offer witnessing as a stand alone service or as part of other arrangements and will help you find the best option for your family.

Final Viewing with Cremation

A final viewing provides families with the chance to spend time with their loved one before cremation takes place. We ensure that all of the details are taken care of, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Traditional Funeral with Cremation

Traditional funerals with cremation give families the opportunity combine the benefits of a classic service with the advantages of cremation. We are pleased to offer a range of options to help facilitate the arrangement process.

Lee Funerals

We want you to know that no matter your reasons for choosing cremation, we’re here to help you explore your options.

When you’re ready, call us at 0722 401 861 to schedule an appointment or simply schedule an appointment online

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our 33 years of experience to help you further understand Cremations

We have listed some of the most common questions we hear on the subject of cremation for you here; If you’re ready to make the cremation decision, but need a few more answers to the important questions you have , then this is the right place for you.

How long must we wait after their death before we can cremate a family member?

Unlike burial, cremation is irreversible. Therefore, it requires us to be “extra diligent” in obtaining cremation authorization from the legally identified next-of-kin, as well as those from any necessary agencies (such as the medical examiner). During these 48-72 hours (depending on state mandated requirements); the deceased will be held in a secure, refrigerated environment.

If we choose cremation, does my beloved one have to be embalmed?

The short answer is “no”, but there are exceptions. Let’s say you want to have a viewing or visitation. If that is the case, it may be prudent to embalm your loved one, so they look their best for the event. However, with that said, we cannot: provide embalming services without your permission, and may not lead you to believe embalming is required by law. In addition, we must provide you with written disclosures related to the embalming of your beloved one.

Should you wish to know more about cremations, simply click the  FAQ button.

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