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Serving as a rite of passage, burial services are a way to help find closure and start the period of bereavement.

During this challenging time, you can count on us to help you plan a personal, meaningful and memorable burial services

that honors the life and legacy of your beloved one.

We provide you with a burial service that meets your expectations, your religious needs and your funeral budget at hand.

Whether you desire a traditional funeral service or a celebration of life service, we are certain that we can meet your family’s needs with the highest level of service and care.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff are with you to help you through every step of the way.

Burial Services in Kenya

Losing a loved one is never easy. When people experience loss, they need a strong support network to provide comfort and offer encouragement.

We are here to listen to your concerns, share our experience and reason with you to help you arrive at the perfect way to gather before your beloved one’s interment in your area of choice.

Your needs and requests as an individual will be incorporated into the service to make it a truly personal experience.

You deserve a hassle-free funeral planning process. Our goal is to make it easy for your family.

With the utmost care and compassion,we pride ourselves on offering international quality services to the families we serve as a locally-owned company.


At your side throughout the journey

To provide grieving families with peace of mind, we strive to take away the stress of planning a traditional burial service

If you are considering a burial service in Nairobi and its environs for a beloved one, we invite you to read about our burial options, which gives information on the types of services that we offer.

For families seeking a traditional option we have provided information on the various aspects included in traditional burial services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Should you have any questions regarding a traditional burial service, or any of the funeral services in Nairobi, Kenya that we offer, feel free to contact us.

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Compassionate care to ease your journey

Viewing ( Wake )

The viewing, happens prior to the funeral service and serves as a time for people to provide support to the family and pay respects to the deceased. Viewings can happen either at our private chapel of rest or before/after the funeral service at the church

Funeral Service

The funeral service at Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi consists of a ceremony, led by an officiant, and follows an order of service, usually determined by the type of funeral service.

Committal Service

Lastly, the committal service, also known as a graveside service, includes a procession to the final resting place where final words or prayers are said. We provide you with the necessary equipment, lowering gear, PA system, grass-mats, gazebo and church trolley

Funeral Reception

Many choose to host this post-service gathering at a reception hall. This is considered a time to share memories, laughter, and support.

A funeral service, whether traditional or more modern (memorial service or celebration-of-life), has two functions which include:

to acknowledge the death and lifetime achievements of an individual and to bring grieving family members and friends together in support of one another during this difficult time.

Lee Funerals

Giving families comfort knowing their loved one will be treated with compassion and respect.

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Helping families and friends honor their loved one

Let’s look at what is involved in planning a burial service. We  have broken down the discussion into these areas-of-concern:

  1. Required documents
  2. Selection of cemetery and burial property
  3. Choosing a coffin/casket and hearse
  4. Planning the details of the graveside service

Selection of Cemetery and Burial Property

There may be families where the deceased loved one may have already chosen and purchased a burial plot. If this is the case, documents proving ownership of burial rights are required when making the funeral arrangements.

If there is no such pre-plan in place, then you will need to choose a cemetery and select the burial property as part of the arrangements.
At Lee funeral home in Nairobi, Kenya, we have provided you with information to assist with the process:

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Choosing of a casket / coffin in Nairobi, Kenya

Here at Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi,Kenya, we offer a wide selection of caskets and burial coffins for you to choose from, and we work closely with all families to ensure the cost of your loved one’s service is kept within your family’s budget.

Our selection of coffins and caskets in Nairobi,Kenya ranges from both locally sourced ones and imported ones .

And while there are many options ranging in prices, we can certainly help you select the casket or coffin that best suits your budget.

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Planning the details of the Graveside Service

These details depend on various components including religious faith and/or emotional needs.

The selection of the cemetery and burial plot are practical decisions, however planning the service is where the heart can take over.

Your funeral director remains with you for as long as it takes to help you – He or she will  help you explore your loved one’s life so you may find the essence of who they were, all in the effort to craft the most memorable burial service in Kenya.

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Planning a Funeral Service

 Tailoring funerals to meet the needs and expectations of each family.

The loss of a loved one can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions, feelings of stress, anxiety and grief that makes events difficult to handle. With a deep commitment to upholding professional standards,the professional funeral directors at Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, Kenya listen compassionately and emphasize with the bereaved family.

When you contact us for assistance in making the necessary arrangements for a graveside service, you’ll discover the value of having our experienced and compassionate funeral directors in Kenya assisting you during this very difficult time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using our 33 years of experience to help you further understand Burials

The team at Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, Kenya is available to answer all your questions. Should you have any inquiries regarding burial services or graveside services which is not reflected in the information provided, we encourage you to call us.

Does my beloved one have to be embalmed prior to burial?

This is a question we hear a lot. Many funeral homes suggest (and may even go so far as to require) embalming if you’re planning a viewing. That’s because they want the experience to be as good as it can be for those in attendance, and proper embalming can ensure the deceased looks as good as possible. But as a general rule, embalming is not necessary or legally required if the body is cared for in a relatively short amount of time. Feel free to contact us should you have any further queries.

Are our beloved ones kept in a different location, other than at Lee Funeral Home?

No. You can rest assured that we do not keep your beloved ones in a different location. We have more than enough storage space in our in-house cold room that has a capacity to handle 36 bodies. Should there be an unfortunate event where we have more than 36 bodies, we have a mobile cold storage unit than can expand to accommodate the bodies that families have entrusted to our care. Contrary to the rumors, we take great care and attention to ensure that if you have chosen us as your preferred funeral home, your loved one is treated with love and care

Should you wish to know more about  burials, simply click the FAQ  button.

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